Using Custom Domains

By default, when you create an application, Structure provides you with a unique subdomain URL. For example, for an app called `weather`, your generated URL may be ``. However, you can make your Structure applications available at your own custom domain, too. For example, if you own ``, you could have that point to your Structure application.


Custom domains are easy to set up. Here are the general steps:
  1. Verify that you own the domain

  2. Structure does not sell domain names. You can register a domain name at a provider like Hover or Namecheap.

  3. Add the domain to your Structure account

  4. Go to the Domains page, and enter your domain name into the field. Note that subdomains are not currently supported.

  5. Point your domain nameservers to Structure

  6. Once you've completed Step 2, log into your domain registrar and change your domain's nameservers to the nameserver URLs given to you by Structure. You can find the required nameservers by clicking "Complete Setup" in the Domains page.

    Note: Once you change your nameservers, your domain registrar may take up to 24 hours to update properly. Some registrars update within a few minutes, but many take longer. You can click "Refresh" on the domain setup page to check if the new nameservers have taken effect.
  7. Select which application to use with your domain

  8. Once your nameservers have updated properly, you can select an application for your custom domain to point to. Structure will automatically generate SSL certificates for your domain once you select an application. You can always return to the Domains page to choose a different application.

Having issues?

If you're having trouble setting up your domain, please contact us at, or via the messenger button when you're logged in.